Can i use my licence in greece

If you hold a EU licence (+ Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)

If you are an EU driver planning a trip to Greece, you’ll be happy to know that you can freely use your driver’s license to rent a car or scooter in the country. Greece recognizes all EU driver’s licenses, so you won’t need an international driving permit or any additional documentation to rent a vehicle. Just make sure to have proper insurance coverage and be aware of the local driving rules to have a safe and enjoyable experience on the Greek roads. Reference: ΦΕΚ 4850/2021, ΣΤ’, Άρθρο 25, 3) α.

If you hold a USA, Canada, Australia or Gibraltar licence

For drivers from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Gibraltar, you can use your driver’s license to rent a car or scooter in Greece, provided that it’s translated into English. A translated version of your license will help ensure that local authorities and rental companies can understand the information on your license, such as the classes of vehicles you’re authorized to drive. Please note that turning right during a red light is unfortunately not legal in Greece. Reference: ΦΕΚ 4850/2021, ΣΤ’, Άρθρο 25, 3) η.

If you hold a licence from a country that has signed the Vienna convention

As long as the aforementioned state is a party to the Vienna Convention, you can drive on Greek territory with your national driver’s license until you obtain your normal residence in Greece. The national driving license is required to comply with the provisions of Annex 6 “National Driving License” of the aforementioned Convention. References: List of countries /

For any other clarification contact the Greek embassy in your country of residence. If your country does not appear in the list above you can still drive with an Internation Driving Licence.