On this Section you will find the exact T&C that will be signed upon your arrival in Chania. Get in touch if you would like us to send you a copy.

Assured Rental Agreement


This Agreement is made on the _____ / _____ / __________ , between: R4W.gr (“the Company”) of the one part; and _____________________________________ (“the Customer”) on the other part.  Date of Birth: _____ / _____ / __________ 

License Number : ___________________ ID / Passport Number:  ________________________

1) The Vehicle

The Company lets and the Customer take a  ____________________________________ registered under _______________ (“the Vehicle”).

2) The Term

The rental will be for a  __________ day term from and including the _____ st / th day of ____________________ (“the Commencement Date”) to 10:00 AM on the ______ st / th day of ____________________ (“the Expiration Date”).

3) The Rent

The Customer will pay rent to the Company initially at the rate of _____ per day inclusive of any maintenance, council tax, road tax at with a daily kilometre allowance of:

50cc: 50km
125cc: 100km
150cc: 100km
300cc: 150km
500cc: 150km
Cars: Unlimited

Any excess kllometre will be charged at €0.50 per km. A €_____ deposit will be held by the Company. This rent does not include fuel consumption (section 7), any fines such as but not limited to speeding, disregarding traffic & parking laws (section 12), damage caused to the vehicle that is not covered by the insurance (section 13).

4) Vehicle Return


The renter should make the company aware of any defects or exterior damages at the time of delivery else will assume responsibility for the damage during return. They must deliver it in the same condition they received it, with all the tools, wheels and accessories, at the pick-up point that has been noted and listed on the first page of the present. If the renter does not deliver the vehicle to that place and to an employee of the Company , they are deemed to have left the vehicle with the appropriate legal consequences in case of loss and charges to return the vehicle to Sfakion 2 , 73100, Chania, at €5 per kilometre.

5) Changes to the

length of rent

This contract indicates the time of rental. If the renter wishes to extend the lease, they are required to notify the Company 24 hours before the original return agreement. The Company has the right to terminate this contract without consequences if it considers that the renter is detrimental to the interests of the company or does not abide by the rules of road traffic and violates the terms of this contract ( Section 11)

6) Vehicle Condition

The renter has an obligation at the time of the lease to protect the vehicle, to check its mechanical condition, oil (leakage) , water, to check the condition of the tires and if it is safe in its motion. The renter is liable and obliged to notify the Company for damage caused by lack of attention.

7) Fuel Usage

The renter has an obligation to pay for the fuel during the rental and to return the motorcycle with the same amount of fuel as he received it. R4W has no obligation to pay for the above quantity of fuel in the motorcycle.

8) Theft

The renter, when not using the motorcycle, must take all possible measures to avoid theft of the motorcycle or its parts.

9) Loss of Items

The Company is not responsible for the loss or damage to objects of the customers who have rented the vehicle, whether they have been left unattended on top or inside of the vehicle or abandoned in the offices before or after the contract.

9) Vehicle damages

The Company has made every effort and has taken all possible precautions to avoid mechanical damage to the vehicle and is not liable for any damage arising directly or indirectly from misconduct on the part of the driver and/or its passengers.

10) Additional

charges that

may apply

The Customer must pay the following: a) the charges for deliveries and returns of the vehicle, b) the daily allowance for the kilometre charge, c) the insurance excess (pre-agreed amount of money that you need to pay to your insurance provider in the event of a claim) in the case of collision damage waivers on a mixed insurance (Section 13), e) If the renter is delaying the vehicle after the agreed return time, one-fifth of the daily charge is charged for each hour, this charge will exceed the daily charge if the vehicle is kept for more than 5 hours f) In case of loss/damage of the key/helmet during the rental, the lessee will pay the amount of eighty (80) euros to replace them. For the loss of the lock the lessee will be charged twenty-five (25) euros. Taking a non-offroad designated scooter (Peugeot Kisbee, Piaggio Liberty, Piaggio Beverly) on off-road (Balos road and any other road that is not paved) can cause structural damage to non-offroad vehicles. A minimum charge of €1000 will apply if your vehicle breaks down off-road. Your contract will be terminated and no refund will be issued in such case.

11) Terms of use

During the lease, the motorcycle is forbidden to be used: a) In contravention of this contract, b) To carry passengers or things for payment, c) To carry more passengers than its authorization, d) To carry heavy objects or smelly commodities or drugs; e) To tow another vehicle or trailer, f) In motor races, g) By persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, h) Every person without the prior approval of the lessor company, i) Generally for any purpose contrary to the Greek Laws, i) Outside of Crete without the written permission of the lessor company. The Renter undertakes to pay an additional charge for cleaning of the vehicle, if after the vehicle is returned the Car Hire Company has to use a more thorough cleaning than the standard one. The amount of the additional charge depends on the actual cost of cleaning performed by the service provider selected by the Company at its own discretion.

12) Traffic Laws

The renter is responsible for violations of traffic laws and is required to pay the price of the fines committed during the lease, even if the above amounts are due after the lease expires. While driving any vehicle provided by the Company, that requires the use of a protective helmet, the driver and any passengers are obliged to do so. The Company is not required to refund the Customer if breaking any traffic law results to the driver having their license removed and/or registration plates removed. If the process of retrieving the registration plates exceeds the time of  this rent, the Customer is obliged to pay the daily rate agreed above for each day that the vehicle remains stranded. 

13) Insurance

  1. A) The vehicle is covered only by Third Party insurance, damage from uninsured vehicles, repair of property damage with third party liability, and roadside assistance if an accident occurs. The renter is entirely responsible for any other damage caused to the rented vehicle.
    B) Full Insurance: Includes A) with partial liability for any damage to the motorcycle up to the amount of the deposit (section 3), (also known as “excess”, read paragraph 10), provided that the lessee will keep the provisions of the Code of Conduct at the time of the lease (concerning alcohol consumption or drug abuse) in place in Greece.

The customer has signed and agreed for the coverage below:


Tires are excluded from either insurance. The insurance company is not required to pay damages caused to the motorcycle by driving on a beach or on off-road routes. Driving on these places is the sole responsibility of the driver, who is obliged to compensate for all the damage caused to the vehicle.

  1. C) Personal safety of occupants: The lessee who, with his signature, accepts the insurance, is responsible for any accidents occurring to occupants of the motorcycle, and the Company has no responsibility.
  2. D) Each insurance cover is up to the amount of the cash benefits mentioned in the car insurance policy, which is located at the headquarters of the company. The renter is wholly liable for damages and compensation greater than those covered by the insurance.

14) Accident

In the event of an accident or other incident, the renter has the obligation to follow the following steps: a) Call the police, b) Record names and phone numbers from eyewitnesses, c) Do not accept any responsibility for the accident and wait for the police to arrive, d) Communicate urgently by telephone or other means with the company, e) Record all necessary information about the accident (name of other driver, vehicle registration number, take pictures etc.). f) To submit to the company, within 24 hours of the accident, a signed memo describing the incident.

15) Disputes

Any disputes which may arise between the lessor and the customer shall fall within the jurisdiction of the Courts of the City of Chania. The Company will be allowed to keep the deposit (Section 3) until the dispute has been resolved.

16) Vehicle Checks

The following checks have been performed. A helmet in good condition has been provided for each of the riders.

  1. Front and left indication lights.
  2. Break lights.
  3. Head lights.
  4. Brakes
  5. No leakage.
  6. Helmet(s).

The vehicle has been found in good working condition.